Pacifier Weaning Made Simple

Pacifier Weaning has been a huge parental dilemma, ever since the pacifier was invented. For decades parents have been snipping holes in their child’s pacifiers for weaning purposes, this renders the pacifier unsatisfying for the child. We did it and it works, it’s a proven fact. However, after reading an article on this “do-it-yourself” pacifier weaning method, we learned that slivers of silicon can become in-bedded in the child’s gums or pieces can break off and could even create a choking hazard.  So I decided to come up with a simple and affordable solution to a widespread parental dilemma and Ditch the Dummy was born!

Ditch the Dummy is a pacifier with a hole created at time of manufacture – yes it’s safe. Our price is only $9.95 + s&h. $15.95 if you get 2.

Simply exchange your child’s existing pacifier with “Ditch The Dummy”. Making sure all your child’s pacifiers have been removed from your child’s reach.  The one that got lost under the bed? Your little one will find it!

The hole in “Ditch The Dummy” is small. Designed so your child will not visually assume that it’s broken or damaged. This makes the exchange easy. Over a period of time – usually within a matter of days, as your child realizes this pacifier sucking thing really isn’t  that great after all. Infact it’s a little annoying. It will just be put aside one day (like an old toy) and that will basically be that.

See I said it was simple!

And the most amazing thing, you’ll be able to see your child’s face (without a lump of plastic where a mouth should be). Absolutely brilliant!

Our main goal is to have our Ditch the Dummy pacifier weaning product available and affordable to all parents.  Lets bring out those smiles! 

Thank you.

Penny Angela