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Learn How The Best Pacifier Weaning System Was Created.

Ditch The Dummy is a modification of a regular pacifier, where at time of manufacture a hole is placed in the nipple rendering the pacifier unsatisfying for  the child. This is a proven technique for pacifier weaning. Ditch The Dummy is the only one step pacifier weaning method available on the market today.

Weaning your child off his or her pacifier can be a daunting task. We know, we’ve been through it!

 For decades, parents have poked holes or snipped the end of their child’s pacifier for weaning purposes however, this “do it yourself” technique can be harmful to the child. By compromising the integrity of the nipple, bits can break off and create a choking hazard, or slivers of silicon can become in-bedded in the child’s gums.

We came up with a simple pacifier with a manufactured hole, still works the same but totally safe.

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